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Managing General Agent

National City Service Agency, a wholly owned subsidiary of Country-Wide Insurance Company, acts as a Managing General Agent whose strong broker base makes it a leader in the underwriting field.

Third Party Administration Services

Country-Wide Management Services is the division offering claim administration services to other insurers, either in a bundled or an unbundled fashion. Country-Wide’s experience and expertise handling downstate New York property and casualty claims coupled with its unique infrastructure offer a client carrier unsurpassed knowledge of this challenging jurisdiction and “one stop shopping” for all its required specialty services.

Medical Examinations

Country-Wide’s independent Medical Evaluations Unit arranges for both independent no-fault and liability medical examinations in our state of the art facility. All examining physicians are engaged in active private practice, are board certified, and are available to testify in court as needed. Fully affirmed examination reports are generated in a timely manner.

Special Investigations

Comprised of recently retired New York police detectives as well as experienced insurance investigators, the Special Investigation Unit takes pride in its knowledge of the culturally diverse streets of New York. Its services include surveillance, the location of hard to find witnesses, the wholesale investigation of fraud and fraud rings, scene photos and measurements, the canvas for witnesses, statements and more.

Auditing Services

We offer a full range of auditing services, including the auditing of claims handling, regulatory compliance, underwriting and the evaluation of litigation files.

Legal Services

Our two affiliated law firms, Cheven, Keely & Hatzis and Jaffe & Koumourdas, both located on Wall Street in the heart of New York City’s financial district, specialize in insurance related litigation and are known not only for their knowledge of the law, but for their understanding of the local courts and their ability to fight the tough battles. Cheven, Keely & Hatzis specializes in the defense of negligence actions while Jaffe & Koumourdas is known for its handling of no-fault claims, SUM arbitrations, subrogation, collections and appeals.

Subrogation Specialists

Country-Wide Management Services, in conjunction with Jaffe & Koumourdas, offers complete subrogation analysis and collection services. Its staff is adept at the systematic review of claims to identify missed subrogation potential and the subsequent pursuit of recovery. The organization is known for its tough negotiation skills and its relentless pursuit via litigation and arbitration of those matters that cannot readily be resolved.

General Agency

National City Service Agency is a full service general agency that has access to a premium base exceeding five hundred million dollars in which clients seek all types of personal, commercial, premises and operations policies. Among the products requested are automobile, homeowners, special multi peril, workers compensation, general liability, products coverage, owners and contractors liability policies, inland-marine coverage, professional liability coverage, garage keepers liability coverage, and both local and long distance trucking, just to name a few of the most often requested lines.


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